hi dears, am currently blogging from terminal 2, and am off for the next 3 weeks to the big apple to spend some time with the boy~

popped my appropriate pills and am looking forward to getting some rest.

thank you for the advance birthday wishes; i will certainly miss home.

ann, if you read this tonight: bring the puppies’ beds to your room pls, and make sure they have enough water for the night. remember to feed them at nights and bathe them every wed and sat. bronco doesnt need to bathe that often actually, but pixie definitely does. please remember that bronco likes beef and pixie likes fish. if anything looks off about the dogs, please do not hesitate to send them to the vet– and make sure you go with dad/mum (especially dad).  check on simba’s skin please– and act accordingly. :) i will miss you most of all. be a good girl, and i’ll see you on skype darling girl. be patient with dad, and try to help him as much as you can– remember it takes you 20 minutes to do it but it will take him an hour. so do your best to help him with the emails and stuff. DO try to enjoy christmas ok. i mean it– dont just stay home and watch glee. go out; hang out with your little friends. you can have my room for stayovers if you want!

:) hugs and kisses,


PS: pea, if you read this, i will see you 18 dec 9.30 am NY time at JFK. xoxo.


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my world, out of your reach

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