i think something is seriously wrong with me tonight

so the boyf calls and offers a bed time story because he knows i’m too wired up to get some sleep.

and i turn him down (why, i also dont know). the little prefect is sleeping in my bed, and no matter how i prod at her, she refuses to wake up to even acknowlege my inability to fall asleep.


anyway, i sat here, and ended up tearing up over missing cooper. oh my god. its been so long since cooper passed, and i still miss the bugger. i miss how he’d whine and whine the whole day through, i miss how he’d let me cuddle him to sleep. i miss how chicken he was when he’d run from the rabbits. i miss how he’d sit in the tub of water during his bath not daring to move. i miss how he’d forget how big he got and try to sit in my lap whenever i sat on the floor. i miss how he’d come and sleep with me when i snooze down stairs. i miss how he’d be so in love with mango he stopped eating for days when she went missing. i miss cooper.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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