life’s choices

today was an odd day: not good, not bad, a little odd. my highlight would really just be spending time with tinkerbel, just being girls- not collegues, just friends who i can share all my dirty little secrets and the much-missing laughter with.

met others after that and realised how truly small this world is. and at the end of the day i am left wondering if i’ve made different choices afterall. maybe if i was less involved with boyfriends, or with the cliques i was with, or if i bothered to make more friends outside the ones i held dear, maybe if i was in general less wrapped up with myself and my issues, or were less neurotic, who knows what would have been.

i dont know, but it certainly is too late now.

a little late night emo-ness when my day starts early tomorrow never quite comes at a good time.

on hindsight: there are many words i would have taken back given the choice.

growing up pains. i’ll be ok.



Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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