with a light heart

i wondered if i would see her again, socially, just the two of us, with her busy schedule and my own. i thought somewhere along the way, in the midst of finals and love and lost-love, we had lost each other. i cant say we were ever so intuned or insync that i missed her, but today sitting across her, i realised how much i was missing.

there is just that something about her, a certain je ne c’est quoi that i couldnt put my finger on but i wished i had in me. of her energy, of her daringness, of her ability to remain as i remembered her, years ago when i first met her, despite it all, despite it all. and you wont ever forget the brassy laugh she has.

i dont usually wax lyrical, but today i had a ton of fun, just listening to stories, like my own and finally finding someone who truly understood it.

i am proud of you, and the person you’ve become.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

One thought on “with a light heart”

  1. You have done so well for yourself babe. You really ought to give yourself a lot more credit. Of those i know, noone has even come close to you, in terms of breaking through and being adventurous with the things you are doing now and years before. I am so proud of you, you are doing great stuff with the situations you have right now. =) hugs

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