this time of the night the temperature dips

it is not an eerie silence. it is actually a noisy night, bronco is dreaming and giving the odd howl, the cats are waking up, the crickets are singing last of their songs and the neighbour’s chicken heralds the morning. i am awake, after too many attempts of going to bed.

i am okay, and it is a good thing. d is busy settling into school, battling homework and laundry (he asked me for some help, but i’ve never used a washing machine in my life). i am generally just busy with the year end accounts, and with life in general. it is never a dull moment in the house i live in anyway, and recently i have xiaocao, clare-bear & lashes to entertain me at nights and keep me company.

this long-distance is hard, there are too little words spoken in love or the fact that it is purely based on trust and understanding–which has always been concepts i’ve struggled with. we’re both learning, and this can only be a good thing.

am getting my life back on track. up at 8 am, down at 11pm. heave-ho, here we go. yoga classes, every other day. small dinners, good meals. spend more time with dogs, especially the ningcumpoop that sleeps in my bed with me. moisturise. detox. cut down happies. take vitamin c. eat fruits (and corn). give money to parents. save. seek god.

wish you were here soo soo, i’d love to go for classes with you.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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