taka brekkie

went for 2 yoga sessions in 2 days. Feeling quite good about self. :) bought a few new new yoga outfits, from elle, nike x 2, and reebok x 2. Matching sets. I like.

Anyway, i signed a one yr unlimited package with pure yoga, at taka level 18. Quite pleased with my decision. :) all the peoples free for breakfast at taka let me know. I do tend to the 9 am or evening classes.

The class sizes are quite big, i initially felt a little affronted by how many mats there were. But it turned out ok. I hope though to go anonymously, and not meet ppl i know there so i actually can get some time to myself and books and i pod while waiting for class. I burst out laughing today in class, as we were doing this crazy legs in the air pose, because i was thinking, how utterly embarrassing to be caught in this very position at this very moment by some ppl..

So there. I’ve declared my gym of choice. Pure yoga. Pls, especially if our lives don’t cross very well–ahem, thinks back to the crazy night i called the cops for a friend– pls go elsewhere. I just want to do my yoga in peace.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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