i’m watching this series

i’ve watched the 2nd half of the series with the boyf before he left, it was a huge race against time to finish it because he was leaving– we watched the last 60 of the 120+ episodes.

and i decided to watch 1-60 on my own and and spending this night, wiping the tears at the this love story between two 50+ yrs olds, who were first loves, but due to family objection ended up married to other people, had children, and their respective spouses passed away. so now, slightly more aged, they finally got married and are blushing on their honeymoon.

nothing quite like a korean show on a cold lonely night such as this.

bronco has a dry patch of skin on his privates (his dangos). it was peeling as if they were sunburnt. haha. i blushed for a minute, then applied peach moisturizer on them. he actually looked affronted by my efforts.

d is settled in NY and is enjoying the sights and sounds.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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