the boyf leaves in a few days, he’s off to the beautiful big apple, the city of endless possibilities, fast-paced walking, coffee and lotsa booze. i think the pea will love the absolute hustle and bustle, he is at heart, a city boy. oddly enough the only plan he has so far for NY is to go on a fishing trip (!!!) to “experience the great outdoors” with zhengs and winston. haha. i can just imagine the pea, sitting there, bored as fuck, waiting for those pretty fish to bite. and oh my. the hand-washing to come after catching a fish.

i am not dealing too well with his departure, i cannot lie. its just one of those “i know its only for a year” but there are certain olde fears that follow me, especially late at nights when i lie awake, unable to fall asleep. i wonder how things will be without him. my part-time odd-job labourer, general driver, unwilling accounts assistant, contract-drafter, food-finisher.

i miss miss my pea, muchos.

this sucks.


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