i dont usually get so sentimental

i wouldnt call myself a fan, but i certainly can appreciate his contributions to music. i think Michael Jackson is really, such a household name, such an amazing artist–and someone who really lived with a passion and put his heart and soul into music.

i remember, when the Laser Disc first came out. the huge ones. my sister’s godpa bought us all a LD. mine was a very sweet show called Curly Sue, and she got the Michael Jackson concert. do you remember jie, the black LD cover with the 2 eyes staring back at you?

i watched the CNN tribute today, how his music rehabilitated the lives of the convicts in the phillipines’ jail. they introduced dance as a rehabilitation programme, and they all dance to MJ’s songs. i watched brillant music talents tear up and cry. but, there’s this haunting feeling– this child-ness in MJ’s conversational voice that unnerves me.

no, i do not and never did believe he touched those boys.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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