some things in life i will never forget

i am twenty-four, just dangling my feet into the cool waters of being WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR, and still wanting the fairytale goodnight stories, and a kiss and a cuddle.

but there are some things in life i would never forget, just as i feel pain will always leave a scar, if not a resonnance that comes back to mind, again and again, at good times, at unexpected times.

this is not an angry vengeful post.

but there’s that old familar feeling.

when you hear your cellphone’s incomming sms tone. the race to get to the phone, just to see if the person you’re fighting with (be it ex, mum, or current beau) sent that sms. the way your breath hitches until you;re done reading it before begining again. the cold chill going down your spine. that bubbling abandonment, right down in one’s gut. the inability to breathe, and your mind spirals down into ridiculous directions you know they are crazy but you cant help it anyway.

an old familiar feeling ol’ chum.

i’ve been meaning to write this post for 2 weeks now. i realised it is probably butchered by time and my lack of beautiful words.

will keep writing. dont give up on me yet.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

2 thoughts on “some things in life i will never forget”

  1. Darling, I went to Janet’s salon yesterday and she mentioned you recently went by too!! Now I know why you had such a good cut! *wink*

    Take care ok love…. :D

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