so i am back

for the last 4 days there was no talk of profits or losses or

talking about HR or Finance or how messy my office is (or more specifically, how “zero” my admin is)

it was just temple tours with the pea, we went to 4 temples: angkor wat, angkor thom, the pink temple and the jungle temple. we went to the war museum, the artisan’s village, the Huge lake (tong le sap) with its floating villages, the cultural village, the traditional dances.

there is little wonder angkor wat is one of the wonders of the world, it is breathtaking (and sweat-inducing), i know it would be perfect in the cool mornings and watching the sun rise through the windows and walkways. but alas, we had limited time so we hit the temples in the scorching heat of the afternoon.

we muchly michly enjoyed the khmer cuisine, and wish we could find good eateries here. we love their sour soup and their amok fish.

photos soon, for now, i wonder (perhaps unpleasantly so) who’s going to be the first to try to guilt me for taking the weekend off.


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