i’ve been fairly silent for a while,

which means to say work has kept me rather busy.

but here’s some updates

1. bronco’s hair isnt growing quickly enough, and its making me regret ever cutting off his baby down. :( he’s gotten into that “sweaty looking” stage, sigh, and smells like that too. his face is ever-so-dirty and refuses to be cuddled in bed anymore. teenage angst.

2. we’ve adopted a beautiful simba, and i spent the whole afternoon combing his fur. oh my. i want to sleep on him! he hasn’t really eaten much yet–and is still rather stoic around the other dogs,  but generally a wonderful inclusion in the family.

3. the prefect is back, finally–after a week of lost luggages and yellow crazy ants on Christmas Island, she now has 1st degree burns and was given 2 days off school. o_O. good news is that she’s still dating the khoo-kia. whom i still haven’t met, btw. i am retaliating becos the prefect refuses to sleep with me tonight.

4. i’ve finally caught on to the “little nonya” fever and watched the first half of the show. episode 18 to be exact. but i am stopping here, because from everything i hear, it goes downhill from here– and good pple suffer and bad pple prosper. so i am not watching on so everyone who should live happily ever after lives happily ever after.

5. i havent heard from the huffle in a few days–i hope you’re okay sweetiepie.



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my world, out of your reach

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