just me old puppy and me

when bronco first came, fresh from the petfarm (smelling of the petfarm) he resided primarily in the prefect’s bathroom (because she had a sliding glass door at the shower area).

but he has since moved into my room (into my bed) since a week or so after he came. he’s a funny puppy he is, affectionate–as long as he’s the one giving affection. he doesn’t quite so like to receive the snuggles and the head-rubs or the pats on the back, but he’d lick your face and sleep in the nook of your arm. he used to sit in the heart of my two palms put together, but he has grown to the size of my forearm.

his coat is no longer fluffy puppy fur, in fact the prefect and i cut off his puppy down (becaue he got it all tangled) to reveal his nice new silver coat of teenage-hood. yorkshire terriers are funny that way, they come out black and brown. then the color mutes down to silver and gold. then it darkens again to a blue-steel and dark gold.

bronco is a strange fellow, he doesn’t enjoy meal times and often is seen begrudgingly chewing on puppy grub. he loves mango and climbs all over her like a jungle gym. he eats durians like a fiend, and is still not toilet broken. he has a curious affinity with stuffed girraffes and would do anything for a sweet. (yes, the hard candy type)

when he was younger (and alot of dogs do this) he used to sniff and occasionally taste his own poop out of curiousity. its called Coprophagia adn if you google “dogs eat poop” on google you’d realise, damn many dogs eat poop! anyway, it was a short puppy fascination that he has grown out of. unfortunately for him. mum saw him do it one day and has since taken to calling him “jia sai gao” (translated: eat poop dog) and the rest of the family (sans me and the prefect) unfortunately caught on to the name. he doesn’t do it anymore, but behold the power of a nickname. hopefully it doesn’t give power of a suggestion.

anyway, bronco’s hair is taking forever to grow out. (my fault, i gave him a very close cut), but i can’t wait till it does.

the pea is late coming over– he’s sending dad to the airport tomorrow because i have an early morning presentation. so till then (and even after then) its bronco and me, off to beddy byes.


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5 thoughts on “just me old puppy and me”

  1. babe

    silkies are already a yorkie cross you know, yorkie cross with the australian terrier i think. but definately already a modification of the yorkie already.

    bronco, despite everything the papers he came with, as i had a chat with some yorkshire terrier breeders recently, is not even totally pure i think. his legs are a little long, his snout is a little too long and his ears are too big. worse yet, his bark doesnt sound like the yorkie’s whine. so few dogs are completely pure anyway! the skc/akc certificates are all really quite pointless, because it is just a paper trail as the breeders declare, who knows who’s the real stud/bitch!

    but bronco is really the cutest thing, i love his cutest little baby face, and i love those mornings that we have a morning snuggle. we dont have a snuggle every morning even though he sleeps with me at night.. but sometimes on those golden mornings, i comb his hair (yes, in bed, but don’t tell the pea or he wont stay over anymore), rub his tummy and tickle his rump. then i scratch behind his ears and sniff his face. he in turn covers me with licks and kisses.

    those mornings we have together, better than macdonald’s breakfast.

  2. hahaha yes, i showed my mum the fb album!! it’s awesome.
    i know what you mean about the mornings you share with bronc! i have similar ones with brownie.. when we both leave my bed at noon, still sleepy-eyed and reluctant to stop cuddling and get on with the day. theyre such cuties. how can people NOT love dogs or NOT live with them. i dont understand.

    come to think of it… my fave dogs are the mongrels. the mud-bloods. HAHAHAHA. well, i am one myself, so.

    i miss schwartzy.

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