a little less drama

today was spent on the road, hitting the SLE & the BKE and back and forth 3 times, to move some stuff. it was a good time of  just driving and being quiet, nothing quite like that to clear the head, afterall whenever i am uber stressed out  or feeling over-stretched, i do enjoy these long drives.

today gave me time to catch up with various people also like the pavi and the wife, as well as candy cane & my penpal (haha, yes, its a funny story, you should ask me about it). talked to the pavi about these crazy days & nights i lead and sought comfort in knowing she understands. the wife and i caught up about this that and whatever. she never fails to make me feel rooted and re-grounded (not the the you-cannot-go-out-way). candy cane was a darling as usual and boy oh boy am i glad i’m done with school. danson, however is busy mugging his brains out for his finals.

am in a funk, truly am, and i think today made me feel a little sorry for myself.

i am tired, and while i am no longer physically tired ( i was in bed at 9 pm last night and refused to move till after 10 am this morning), but i’m weary. and i catch myself now, thinking how much worse it is for tinkerbel who has to smile at people all day, or those that have to keep 2 or 3 jobs just to keep the family going. then i think about the sacrifices the people around me have made for me, and a little voice screams, and says “suck it up and just deal with it”

one foot in front of the other.

i am still going.

and i should be thankful.


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4 thoughts on “a little less drama”

  1. i’m tired as well. with 6 mods in SMU.
    so i win k.

    i cant wait to get outta the hell hole called SMU.

    anyway i was packing my AFA stuff for another friend, and i got reminded of our presentation frenzy in week 9.
    nobody but us are stupid enough to have to do 2 AFA presentations.

  2. YAH!
    omg cand, we did prepare 2 presentations when 1 was enough to kill.
    we were so bloody happy about the first one somemore, it was so much easier i remember!

    i remember our first sian meeting to discuss the 2nd presentation!! omg. weihu was how traumatised the poor boy.

    i wanted to die doing the project. remember us printing out the whole f*cking thing!! and u made kokz read it!! thank god for the ctrl F function lah!! we ctrl F-ed every f*cking term we needed! SPEs! hahaha.

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