look who came crawling into my bed

mypicture those near and dear would know how much i absolutely HATE sleeping alone. i lie in the header, the pea had intercede to ask her to come and sleep with me because i am feeling particularly insecure about my bed tonight.

its sad, my 14 yr old sister has to baby-sit me at nights, sometimes. but i thought this peekture would make those crazy teen boys mad cos hahaha, she’s sleeping with ME! she’s quite a boy magnet, this one is.

she’s gonna wake up at 8.30 tomorrow morning to try and convince my father to let her go on a Kelong trip with yours truly. i’ve told her i’m not gonna speak to him on her behalf although i did help out with the research and printing and telling her that asking daddy for anything over breakfast *at 8.30* is probably the best time to do so.

bronco now seems to permanently sleep with me at nights. the prefect has given up on him, because he scratches at doors, poops and pees in the night. she’s unofficially thrown him out of her room.

oh yea, some of the taiwan pics are out on facebook, but here’s two i like; one of the whole lot of us and one of me and the pea:



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