last year

i was trying to recall what i did this time last year, its a pretty long year that has gone by and i really should be saving my long stock-take of the year post to the end of the year.

i spent last year, this time in new zealand, wandering around the north island (we only left for the south island after my birthday methinks). was trying to find the picture of my cake last year (hoo boy, did we have a huge laughing fit about it), my hufflepuff tried to kill me on my birthday by setting me alight with the gabomb candles on the cake.

my comp crashed, dear huffle, please burn me another set of kiwi photos. i love you la, please.

so till then, my dear friend, i miss those kiwi days. i truly truly do.




Author: c

my world, out of your reach

4 thoughts on “last year”

  1. clarification 1: you are the freaking huffle can!!
    clarification 2: Its not my fault the waiters didnt know how to stick candles into the brownie. haha..

    I found the photos today, had a good laugh all over again. heh :)

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