truly c

in light of all the changes we’ve recently faced as global citizens, with the markets crashing and the election of the first african american president of the US of A..

i just wanted to remind everyone (and this is not frivolous, at least to me.)


she’s back! (and give the girl a break)

pls remind the pea, if ever she comes to singapore, i want to go.

loving the new song. and the hot, sauna scenes.
royston. howie. seriously go watch the video. you both will love it.


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my world, out of your reach

6 thoughts on “truly c”

  1. hahahah.
    roys, as much as i like britney, i don’t think you should go near her… given her history of men.

    seriously man, she’s back in business la. everyone said she was a hollywood wash out.. but come on. the song is good.
    and the vid is hot.

    pea. we better get good seats.

    weewee!! :) *hugs*

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