wish me luck

today from 2 pm to 5pm i resolve to do some work, and i resolve to only do work during this designated time. i will not talk about work or think about work or deal with work stuff until 2pm. and it will stop promptly at 5 pm.

anyway, under the bikerman’s suggestion, i went out yesterday specificially in search of a particular book, called the EARTHSEA series. i know its been made into a movie and all. i have never really been a fan of fantasy, actually close friends who know my reading habits will tell you i really don’t enjoy the genre ( i remember shopping with rabbit  actually more like for rabbit for some crazy 12 book series). anyway, the bikerman says i should give it a try, there is no genre to like or dislike simply because i haven’t read them all. o_O. as in its not right to throw a blanket over fantasy because of one or two live-tree experiences.  because there are some that are really good.

anyway. i think this one is quite fun, it wraps itself with magic as an ancient language spoken by dragons. to control something you need to know its ancient name. wish me luck, here i go.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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