contractor c

i’ve been under the radar lately, owing to a very simple reason, miss lim has sucessfully been part of a massive renovation project that has left her dusty, tired, sneezing and above all incredibly frustrated at work and life.

i haven’t had more than 2 dinners at home in the last few weeks. the pea and i haven’t caught a bloody movie in as long as i can remember. all i want to do these days is just catch a little sleep (last night sleep count was 4 hours). it has been so bad that the tinkerbell and i fell asleep on the cold hard floor during the after-renovation cleaning/clearing. and this girl is seriously not one for hardship floor-sleeping.

anyway. the sisters, the boys and i buried cooper in the garden behind my father’s famed don’t-ask-how-much-that-damn-tree-cost tree. so when i look out my bedroom window there it is.

lavi steph debs, i’ve gone missing, i know, please please understand, i use all my free time to basically sleep, because its been such a fucked up few weeks..

jie, would like to buy a little lappy for ann, between the both of us we have managed to salvage one macbook, the other one is completely gone. please advice sales person, if price is right might buy 3 possibly 4. tinkerbell, pea’s mum, ann and i are all interested. (i don’t really need one tho, since my mac is ok, after i took ann’s charger AND battery, because her harddisk is shot to shits)

cand, oh my you and kok look so insanely happy. i’m sorry you had your bawling festival, i had a similar jag last night, i thought to myself “if this is hysteria, what is crazy?” i miss you, my ex-butch friend. loves!

ann, please go check on tyger’s eyes.

last night my last thought was, why cooper? and i believed i spent some time bawling on the phone with the pea that i want cooper back, especially on nights like those.

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3 thoughts on “contractor c”

  1. tsk, i am not insanely happy. in fact, i wanna go home. i even have a countdown for thay, 106 more days till home. tsk and you didnt even know me when i was a butch! so you cant call me your ex-butch friend!

  2. How about an MSI wind like the one I have. All in, under 1k. And Ann’s lappy is spoilt cos she abuses it with the LONG hours she clocks on it. Let me know.

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