a moment of silence


Cooper has been very lethargic lately, refusing to get up to apart from having his dinner or answering nature’s call. We realised that it was in fact because he has been unable to get up. A trip to the vet gave the diagnostic to be that he probably has a dislocated shoulder, we were then referred another vet for an x-ray. he was given a sedative and pain killers to tide him through the night.

when i got home, i realised he was awake but could not move, so i went to sit by him to just stroke his head and pulled him onto my lap and let him rest, like we used to do when he was a wee little baby. he fell asleep in no time, and i went to bed and came down to check on him every 2 hours, repeating the same procedures.

the x-ray came out that there was no dislocated shoulder, which begs the question, why can’t he get up. after a 3 hour wait and further testing, it was ascertained that cooper in fact was paralysed on his right side (his hind leg lost all reflex and feeling by the morning).

he had a nerve dysfunction, which resulted in the paralysis on the right side of the body. we also ascertained that it was a spinal pressure on his nerves. this would be caused by a clot, a growth or cancer. to find out which was to put him through very tedious and painful procedures.

regardless of the cause, we also realised that the only way out was surgery, which is not only very painful, but also means he would be paralysed for at least 6 months with only a 20% chance of recovery. 

i made the decision to put him to sleep yesterday, under the vet’s advice.

i called my sisters who came down to say goodbye; ruby and the pea were also in attendance. had wanted to drive home to pick mango because i thought cooper would have most wanted her around, but cooper’s weak resistance lately resulted in him catching a contagious virus which though not life threatening in anyway, needed his isolation from other canines.

it was emotional and heart-breaking, but certainly peaceful. we had opted to sedate him first, then administer the euthanasia. he was resting his head on my lap, and then quietly he slipped away. 


 2 and 1/2 years old, German Shepherd

Much beloved, and will be sorely Missed.




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