whip poor will

i’ve been up for what seems like the entire night and morning, worrying, about everything, and seriously questioning if i will get through this alright.

the night-thoughts have their way of making humble shells of us all, and our doubts and panics remind us that we’re no superheros, not at all. 

its 9 am, and i’ve been up for 4 hours now, with tons to do, and all. i wish it would be easier, i wish it could be easier–but this was this uphill climb they all talked about, and that even-steeper learning curve she warned about.

i knew i had it coming with the work and the discipline. but i hadn’t seen the massive attack on the self-esteem.

i ate 1/2 the jar of nutella (the huge ass 750g jar) last night at 2am.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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