last night the pea helped me set up my tablet again, and i have to say as much as i love the mac, i’ve missed this tablet–the swivel screen, the burn on the cover (long story), the scratches, the millions of essay i’ve churned out on it–and the nice-not-noisy-keyboard.

it got majorly overhauled by this computer guy i found, and now it has a new harddisk and a wireless connection that has not failed me yet. it is super fast, and i can actually download anything i want (my newly installed spyware checks all incoming & outgoing files.) but given this is afterall, the windows platform so well, gotta watch it with the downloads.

i’ve forgotten everything–how to download torrents, how to burn a cd off it, how to transfer songs to the sony bean (yes i’ve finally found it!! but it works with the PC, not the mac) so i’ll have the mac for chubby; and the tabby for beanie!

:) cheerios!


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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