looking forward

my last ever exams are in a week; last lap–the real last lap– of my formalised education; and i can hardly wait. bitter sweet really, at this point i just can’t wait to get it over with.

our travel itinery is all set (i planned most, if not all of it); thanks to all for their advice and recommendations.. here’s what i picked in the end! :)

the lovely Anchan Resort & Spa: i’ve been wanting to stay here since i decided on phuket; see previous posts on it. i just think its a lovely resort–for some strange reason i keep seeing (some say nicer) cheaper resorts but i got my heart set on anchan (despite the fact that its not on Patong beach itself!)


Arayaburi Resort, Phi Phi Island, off phuket: not such a pretty hotel, but decent enough for the budget. considering we’re on phiphi though, we wont be spending much time indoors anyway! :)

and then finally the traditional Le Tong Beach Hotel: i just love the thai finishings and the day light curtains (yes i love the look; yes my house will look like that next time; yes i am loving it!)

can’t hardly wait.


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