sweltering heat

today i actually found time to go shopping. crazy schedules and general slothiness have been getting in the way of just going down to town (yes, c was in town) and shopping, and being a magpie (ie stopping to stare at shiny things–yes, this syndrome has hence become rather full blown with the love for glitter and bling). walked around (admist the friday after-school-and-we-smell-of it crowd) and had a lovely time. wanted to post pictures of the purchases, but too lazy to take peektures.

the heat today was sweltering. can die. can die. can die.

spent too much money, had too much laughter–the pea is rather horrified at my magpie nature, and amazingly yummy japanese pasta.

went for lavi’s concert, then caught up with the girls over drinks to say bye to tinkerbell, who is going to have a lovely lovely time in LA. :) excited-ness truly. while some of us trooped off to zouk, and some of us to pack and some of us to poker, i think back on the day,

and feel truly contented. 


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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