new tag: ambitions


i added a new tag, ambitions, because as those of you in the inner circle would know, my ambitions change quite often, so here’s the list of the work i would like to do (as you can tell, most of which are flights of fancy), and it changes quite as often as something else catches my eye. 

here’s the list as far as i remember (if you remember an ambition i wanted to be but forgot please leave a tag to remind me)

1. growing up i always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. sadly, i have two left feet and no sense of coordination


2. dog-farm owner ( i have 5 at home, and still want more!)

3. when we were 12 we wanted to run a kindergarten

4. LATEST!! take care of cheetah babies ( i spent the whole day and last night watching animal planet)

5. to be a slow loris (then i can be as slow as i want, and everyone will say to me “oh, see that slow loris, so cute!” instead of the 5000 “hurry up hurry up hurry up” i hear daily. (sloths are too ugly)

6. to be rainbow brite (yes, mock me all you want, she was powerful can–and that beautiful horse)

7. to work as a commentator on national geographic/animal planet on a particular animal (i’m not fussed over any particular animal though can it please be the wolf and please no lizards or snakes or bugs) and film documentaries. then i can follow the animal around the whole day and film its habits.

like meerkat manor, or march of the penguins or one of those “Sir Attenborough Presents..” ohh. to be sir Attenborough… or Stevo! oh my!




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