with a heavy heart.

much discussion went into it yesterday amidst tears (mine) and shouts (mine) which led ultimately to a very quiet, dissipation of an anticipation.

India has been on the forefront of my heart recently, tickets booked, itinerary planned, budget worked out. much laughter, much frustration, much joy derived from just planning it with the wife and twinkletoes.

but in light of recent, VERY recent events,

1. Goa girl ‘drugged and assaulted’

2. Scarlett’s mother fears for safety

3.Bomb blast kills Sri Lanka priest


i think given the worries of the very concerned father and the very worried mother, it looks like I am gonna shelf plans to visit the old country. 

i’m sorry girls, i really am. but i realise that perhaps now is not the best time. 


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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