the pea

so the pea and i had a heart-to-heart last night from the hours of around 1.15-3.45am, and suffice to say, many things came up, just as many things were clarified and put in order. just as a few insecurities came up and a few new-old revelations were made.

i dunno if the talk will prove eventually beneficial, or if this is the start of a paradigm shift in status quo. the age old line “honesty is the best policy” juxtaposed against the bright big “what one doesn’t know won’t hurt you”, the ends of the spectrum that blaze at us “half truths are not truths” and the other end that chills to the bone. “dont poke the sleeping dragon in the eye”

there is much to do, but my nocturnal way-of-life does not permit brain function in the light–something which obviously i have to do something about considering.. just considering.

the body has gone off on its own tangent these days: from cramps to headaches to sloth and binge eating. its time to put that diet in place, for real, for real.

i’m tired know? i have no grounds to complain, what of my life, little sloth can i possibly be tired about? perhaps its been just the deprivation of movies and books that do not involve the word “share capital” and “retained earnings” or stacks of paper which throw “equity” and “bona fide purchaser for value without notice” in my face.

for once, in the car there are no words spoken because we’re both caught up with the screams from inside our heads. for once, in the night there was no laughter, because of the shattering of fragile glass-stained window panes.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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