Pools of sorrow waves of joy / are drifting thorough my open mind

(title credits to the beatles; across the universe)

so my favourite class of the sem ends today, and it has been an amazing treat truly, with the professor (and peer) coming in with judges’ robe and the funny wigs and addressing “counsel” and each other as “my lord”

hoopa, i have an advanced financial accounting quiz this friday; and my law finals next week. coupled with the community svs %^&*() report due too! gee whiz. funny how, the only thing i want to do tonight is to curl up and watch lauren graham and alexis bledel saunter and jibber-jabber and chuckle the night away.

breastfriend, are we going on our day-long road-trip to our nearest and dearest neighbour-country?

i am considerably cheered today, i get to go for a movieeeeeeee! (if it comes through) whee! ; the pina colada stayed over last night and had breakfast with my dad while i slept on in the prefect’s room. i wanted to sneak cooper into the room to wake him up actually, but i overslept. so much for my morning surprise.

i am re-reading the harry potter series. i’m loving it, i have lost count (>7) of the no of re-reads i’ve gone through (i even have audio books) and i cannot find my HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!! (who has it?! return it!!!) its ridiculous! we have 2 copies! (cher-poot and i each got a diff copy so we could read at the same time) and yet, BOTH HAVE GONE MISSING.

and since cher-poot has recently introduced a new monkey into our little bubble world, we shall henceforth refer to said new monkey as sweatyboy.


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my world, out of your reach

9 thoughts on “Pools of sorrow waves of joy / are drifting thorough my open mind”

  1. well i am glad you pop around here anyway. the blog stats jump manically, but quite honestly i dont have that many friends so it always leaves me curious as to who visits/reads. :)

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