nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout/strawberry fields forever

does it matter what you see? not to me, no, yesterday, the best friend and i went to get our shoulders rubbed and pressure-pointed, very satisfying result because the stiff shoulder aches today but no longer hurts; given the amount of work due and the tests upcoming, not to mention the research papers and community service reports, we spent a hour playing with her new wii.then i got home and took pictures with the prefect (we’re trying to catch the raindrops on her fancy-pants lens) and ended up with shots of cooper looking positively fierce-some biting into balloons. will upload pics as soon as she gives them to me. (he usually looks like a lamb, doesn’t he?)i feel myself spiralling down into the funk.  (and i cannot help it)


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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