common scenerio

so here we are, in the class we dont quite want to be in, having given up what was a long night of studying to come here and stare at figures and other spreadsheets that seem like chicken scratch to us.

oh well. such is life, for us poor lost sods in this faculty.

so the weekend went by in a blurrrr, my constipation has reached new dizzying heights, literally. suffice to know that i spent the whole weekend in the company of laxatives and enemas. which are totally not funny, and i do not want to talk about it.

tyger is recovering great, i think, i am not entirely sure how sucessful the operation was, but he goes back to the vet on tuesday to get checked and next tuesday his stitches come out. he sleeps on the glass surface of the table in front of the telly, its funny, to see a dog in a hat snoring on the table.

lavs stayed over last night in our bid to study. did not go well–we ended up being so frustrated at the first chapter we went to sleep earlier than we are both used to. :(


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my world, out of your reach

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