this is very odd.

lately i’ve been paying more attention to my blog stats than usual because there’s been very odd happenings there.

for example, some one found my blog through searching the terms “adriel low”, :) [but the question remains, who is adriel low? –heehee–] and today i got links to my blog through this ex-classmate of mine, but we really hardly even know each other save small pleasantries in class; and another from an old secondary school classmate who i miss miss much.

so please, if you’re here cos you are searching for information about a certain mr low, :) i don’t think he’s advertising for prospective dates, but if you want, email him at; dont stalk him through morsels of information on my blog. he is in Michigan, far away from me. sheesh.


but here’s a juicy picture of him if you want! driel was always too cool to button his shirt. *wink* (We were sixteen and lean and fresh and before the world dealt us weird cards to grapple with)

driel, please send my cd over, its been forever. ask wenyi to help you if you dont know how.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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