funny little dog, that tyger.

people laugh and say we gave the dog a cat’s name. he’s black and brown and has a smattering of white around the chest, though not striped, and has the kindest eyes i’ve ever seen in any human or not alike. we did not spell the name wrong, t-y-g-e-r, pronounced tiger like the big cat that mauled siegfried (or roy, i do not remember. neither we were trying to funk up his name, t-y-g-e-r, although if we were, we might have added a ! in the front or a couple of z-s to the back. !tygerzz. that would have been roll-your-eyes yuck-funny. we named him after william blake’s famous poem of the same name, though for reasons we know not, because none of us are blake fans here at home. (we’ve got collections of robert frost, but none of blake’s. ) might be because i was reading it for literature at the time we got him. he used to sleep in my room, until we got him a mate.

we bought him for cheap from a “local home breeder” which basically means a couple living in a flat that breed their own pet and sell its offsprings to recoup the capital outlay of itself and a very hefty profit since cocker spaniel litters are large. this dog with the softest brown eyes’s mother is a quiet little mud brown pedigree, probably subjected to a life of pregnancy and whelping. “he’s a rare one”, they told me. rare because its hard to find tri-coloured cocker spaniels.

his sleeping in my room has upset a great many people. at the start he used to sleep in my bathroom, rendering it impossible for me to bathe there, the younger sister would howl about how unfair it was that he got to sleep with me, the older one didnt quite bother, and was quite happy to not have to deal with a crying whining recently-separated-from-dog-mummy, un-toilet-trained unhappy puppy. the previous ex-boyfriend hates how the dog insisted on being between the both of us, and till now, the dog and the boy never quite get along. the maid used to whine and threaten over dog fur, the mother would yell about asthma and allergies, the father would turn red at the cost of replacing pee-smelling carpet.

and now, five puppies later ( he fathered a litter accidentally), tyger remains the dog that visits the vet the most. for a stomach flu, for swallowing a durian seed (there’s nothing he loves more than durian), for testicle(singular) removal, for neutering (we didn’t want him fathering any more litters). tomorrow he goes in for an aural hematoma surgery.

no one knows how he got it, his little ear basically became a little bag of blood. we let the blood out on saturday already, but its filled again and the vet warned us this would happen. they will be sewing into the ear, tomorrow, 2 metal plates to keep the ear flat, and seal up the capillaries in the ear that burst.

the vet did say, that at his age, the surgery has its dangers. just as she did tell us recovery from the surgery was going to be painful (i asked “more painful than his castration?!” and she said, this was going to be worse, because the plates are foreign bodies). it will cost less to put the dog to sleep than to heal him, but he’s my mother’s baby, and dad is unlikely to cross her.

please let him be okay, and please make it as easy as possible for the little mutt.


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6 thoughts on “funny little dog, that tyger.”

  1. all of you are NOT HELPING OUT, there’s so much to do, feed medicine, clean ears, shower with love, apply the gel to the ear, clean wound.


  2. i am, it’s just that sometimes God wants us to be the silent angel, who watches through the night. maybe there are things that we have done but we just don’t seem to see it sometimes.

  3. Poor Tyger. Reminds me of my one-eyed cookie monster.

    Encouraging Words: Dogs are amazing and they will survive the worst of all pain. He will take the surgery like a Tiger (*ahem).

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