She stretches and purrs into the pillow
Flyaway hair, tangles in her own legs
The dull throbbing, the drone of machines
the new world’s advancements, constructions, regulations
like a whisper in the wind
she purrs and buries her face
in this hazy sleep where dreamers prance on clouds
and cows go a-somersaulting
the mystical lure of the lady in veils
her perfectly manicured hand tantalizing
curling, purring into the tent of all-good-and-bad-things
like a wisp of smoke the fingers
lure and beckon
into red veils and incense
into bliss and contentment
and a fiery den of vampiric desires
while angelic voices sing their lullaby
and elephants walk on stilts
and piglets do the chachacha
collapes onto the azure bed of veils and cloths
with glitter and baubles hanging overhead
she whirls around
and closes her eyes
miles away, miles away

and miles drop away like melted snow


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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