Dear Students,

The window period to file for graduation for eligible students who are in their FINAL TERM of coursework in this Term 2 of Academic Year 2007-08 will be opened from Monday, 28 January 2008 (2.00 pm) till Sunday, 24 February 2008 (11.00 pm). You must file for graduation in order to be considered for graduation.

You should file for graduation in advance (if this is your final term of coursework) even if you have not yet completed your internship and/or community service (filing for graduation is based on required CUs only and status of internship/comm service do not impact on filing). For students who will be going on exchange, please remember to ensure that your exchange credits/courses are captured first in the system before you can file for your graduation. However, you will not graduate until you have cleared all courseworks, internship and comm service by the deadline.

The Registrar’s Office will only finalise your graduation processing after you have fulfilled all requirements for your degree (coursework + internship & community service), at 4 fixed times a year. Please ensure that your internship/comm service/exchange courses etc be graded as pass in the system latest by 12 noon, 14 May 2008 if you wishes to be considered for graduation in T2 round.

Students who have previously filed for graduation and cleared all the coursework requirements do not need to re-file.

The platform to file for graduation is at OASIS (Study —-> Graduation —-> Apply for Graduation). The instructions can be found therein.

You should also read carefully the policies and procedures on graduation at OASIS (Study —-> Graduation —-> Policies & Procedures for Graduation). Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found under OASIS (Study —-> Graduation —-> Graduation FAQs).

Please note that once you have filed for graduation, it is irreversible (therefore, please plan carefully). Students who have missed the above deadline to file for graduation in T2 (there will only be one round of graduation filing for each term, e.g. T1, T2, MT2, T3A & T3B), can only file for graduation in MT2 of Academic Year 2007-08 (17 March to 13 April 2008). As ample notice and time have been given for each term graduation filing, we will not entertain students who have missed the deadline and requested for late filing. We also will not entertain students who have filed for graduation and due to whatever reasons, requested to unfile for graduation.

For students who wish to attend Commencement 08, you will need to graduate latest by T3A. Students graduated in T3B will only attend Commencement 09.

For eligible students who do not file for graduation by the deadline, we shall also assume that you are taking additional courses to fulfil your double majors/degrees or just as additional courses on top of your required curriculum.

The graduation processing exercise for T2 will be held in May 2008 (after the official release of T2 exam results). Expected collection schedules for degree scroll and transcripts for graduates in each term can be found under OASIS (Study —-> Graduation —-> Transcript & Degree Scroll).


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