stay-in days

it has been a long while, since i had a stay-in day, or a night-in. its been a fiasco of a week, doing nothing really and doing everything at the end of the day. i don’t understand how time slips away from me sometimes, and day melts into nights, and conversations and meals meld into each other. i cannot remember anything of the past week, except that it has been a busy week. i know who i’ve met and where, but i won’t be able to fit into a timeline. maybe its the madcow acting up.

yesterday was a languid day, spent it mostly with huawei. while we planned to meet up at one-ish, we ended up meeting up only at 2.3o because we were both asleep. (“ready when you are” sms-es went back and forth until i woke him up eventually. spent the afternoon driving around (finally introduced him to Bug) and just catching up (things between us have been so strained) and he patiently waited for me to buy my thai groceries and then we went down to compasspoint (and can’t navigate our way around) for his stuff.

tomyumsoup-1.jpgcooked dinner for the 2 bandboys (hw and pinacolada): i cooked tom yum from scratch, wish i took pictures(this picture is taken off the net), it was colourful! and smelt wonderful. knowing me i overdid the kaffir lime and the lemon grass. and taught mr PC to make basil chicken which was funny in itself because his only job was to chop the chicken, and ended up arguing with ruby (who cooks regularly) on how its done. he welded the spatula very oddly, but the dish was still great. anyway, they tell me they enjoyed it. :)

aunty suzanna made us tiramisu, dessert was great. :) pinacolada sent the armyboy back into camp (poor thing) and went home to do his readings. spent some time catching up with mom and rie, and ended up doing the prefect’s poster for investiture. sheesh. ended up painting for pretty damn long ah.


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