long nights, long days

the weekend went by in quite a blur, tis madness, tis fun.


as many of you would know, the pina colada and i have been spending the last week watching return of the condor heros, the Andy Lau version, and in my opinion the only version worth watching– its amazing, and the CG makes us crack up in peals of laughter, especially when she sent out these bees (little yellow dots on the screen), to the tune of flight of the bumblebee. each disc takes about 66 minutes, but we can spend up to 2.5 hours watching each disc because we hit the pause button ever so often to either get food (sushi and frying popadums, cookies and hot chocolate), for translation and other distractions–watching tv with the mother around is an impossible task, because she either chimes in to tell you the story, or sends you off to pick up your smelly (literally) sister from school.

Andy lau is still ho man woah. YES. the show has been around for ages, and yes, we’ve all seen it before (everyone surely watched it when we were younger) but watching it again on VCD is really a different feeling altogether. we’re now on disc 18. do not mock our speed of watching. it’s not my fault. those of you who’ve known me from my serial-chasing days would know i can just sit glued to the tv for hours and days on end, refusing to see anyone. so smart people can deduce who’s the one that’s causing the snail pace.

dinner with some new friends and then twinkletoes came to meet me at clark quay, to catch up on both our trips and how much has changed in the month we’ve not seen each other being in different parts of the world. she came back bring a haul of gifts which i absolutely lovvvvve. spent the night till 7 am fixing up the rack and the bangle board with rita.


isn’t it gorgeous? heh. we planned our india trip in greater detail, and it looks like its shaping up quite nicely.

saturday was spent, resting then dinner out, then drama in the ‘hood, which i will not go into, suffice to know the drama is resolved, and everyone is alright, lasting till 5 in the morning.


sunday was languid, waking up to lunch with the commando bastards, where we had too much prata, and went off to the farms. the commando ended up setting up his very own goldfish tank, 8 little ones, 4 are mine, but housing with me while the house prepares itself with renovations. they look like these, the little ping pong, (or otherwise known as pearlscale goldfish), by the time we set up his tank, with his outrageously funny mother, it was time to get home for dinner– dad’s birthday dinner at hongyuen, SICC, too much food. we all went home STUFFED.





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