in my bid to make myself feel somewhat better about the school term starting, and being laden with an 830 morning class, i asked myself what was something small that would make me feel better, something i can keep with me to remind me that there’s no need to take life so seriously.

71z3navjkcl_aa240_gif.jpegthen it hit me. this cd i used to have when i was younger. solomon the supersonic salamander–choosing good friends. the audio cd with words like sllllllliiidddddeee-kick, and has crazy characters like mrs beverton, max magpie, bo evil. we used to be able to follow the story tape word for word (we probably still can)

i spent the last 2.5 hours searching for it online but to no avail. there’s only the book version, no cd version (i want the CD VERSION!!!). have sent out 4 emails to ask how to lay my grubby hands on it. please advice if you know where to find it. if you are free to help search, please do please do. if you can’t help then just pray i find me a copy?

i really want the CD.


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my world, out of your reach

One thought on “upset”

  1. i found it!! i found it!! the only available copy!! and i bought it!! :)

    shipping only to the states so adriel low sheng if you even read this, please send it back to me expeditiously!! burn a copy to keep with you in case spoil in the mail can?? cos its the ONLY AVAILABLE COPY. i mean it. its the ONLY ONE LEFT!! send it back to meeeeeeeee. please do not take it hostage.

    ur school postal system really sucks. so please PLEASE drive out somewhere and POST IT as soon as you have a copy of it. (DO IT FAST!! DO IT FAST!!) :)

    thank you thank you thank you i owe you ban mian.

    ps: i know i should have asked you before i sent it to you, but i was so excited. and worried someone else would buy the last copy.

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