off to the farms

hello loverlies!

it is 7.55 am and we’re off to a private beach as soon as i get the huffle up. its been bright for a while now and yes, c is up at 7.55 in the morning, how queer considering i’ve been nocturnal for a while.

we’re going off to the farms in (i dunno how to spell it but it sounds like TA-MA-NU-YEE); its a farm stay! i get to milk cows and pick eggs (except i am scared of chickens, so i will watch huffle pick eggs)–it apparently is lambing season, and i want to bottle feed the lambs (they are bottle fed if they are orphaned) but methinks watching the birthing season is very gross, and i dont want to see a sheep give birth.  and then from there we’ll go to Rotorua tomorrow morning to see the hot springs, geysers, mud pools. maybe we’ll give ourselves a sulphur pool dip; or have a massage.

everyday the huffle and i eat Pies. we love pies. steak and mushroom, butter chicken, steak and cheese. for lunch we go to the bakery and buy them and eat them in the car by the sea. (eating out of the car would mean ducks and gulls want in on the food). we like pies. very much. **hint** maybe SOME PEOPLE can learn to make pies since they want to be a chef and all.. i love pies.. we’re also hooked on this drink called L&P; it tastes somewhat like ginger ale, and yet a bit like kickapoo, and has the rootbeer aftertaste. we want to buy back, but think it will explode from the airplane pressurisation.

no internet connection today or tomorrow. catcha all soon! love you mummy.


Author: c

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