auckland day 1 and 2

greetings from down under down under, am in the land of kiwis and farms, breathtaking scenery and such an expanse of sea and sky i cannot quite believe it though i am looking right at it. absolutely amazing, the photos do not do it justice.

it looks like our little car is gonna drive itself right into the sky–this land is full of hills and valleys, full of little islands and rivers into the land. along the motorways are beaches and spits, and one or two oxbow lakes. today, for a good hour, on the left and right of us were grazing cows and sheep!

we went off on a little expedition yesterday to the town of devonport and from there took a ferry (amazingly fast!) to Rangitoto island, a volcanic island for a trek. unlike most people, the huffle and i took a route around the island rather than up to see the 60 m crater ( who wants to see rocks when we are surrounded by water features!?) and walked around to see the black gull nesting areas, the lovely marshes and got ourselves sunburnt.

back to shore, we went up Mt Victoria and a duck pond in the middle of no where. just sitting there in the middle of a suburb, a pond of ducks–must be over 100 ducks there, just minding their own, until they realised they could get a treat from us.

today we were off to Auckland city–the huffle jumped off the 192 m high sky tower. i chicken. then to the street bazaars and there after our crazy up-north adventure in search of Goat Island. (yes i kid you not) (opposite Goat Island is Chicken Island–again i kid you not). on the way there we really went into the heart of the farms, breathtaking views–which are not in my camera, but the huffle’s. this leg of the journey has no pictures yet. we brought bread to feed the fish (thinking there was gonna be some) but ended up feeding sea gulls and ducks–again. the duck trods on our feet with their cold webbed ones–we accidentally kicked a few, by accident because they came so close we didnt realise they were there when we were walking.

the drive back was as spectacular–we saw the sunset finally. i managed to catch some pictures–i dont do the scenery here justice– my hand shakes and my camera pixel count is too low–but well. i have never quite seen the sky in so many hues. crazy! pastel pink and baby blues and lilacs!

oh anyhoo, the flickr stream can be found at:


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4 thoughts on “auckland day 1 and 2”

  1. ducks and sea gulls and fish and cows and sheep! Sounds like the bloody zoo babe – no WONDER you’re enjoying yourself! :p

    Miss you lots.. Be good.. XOXO

    P.S. wahr, brave hufflepuff! *salute*

  2. we have a dead bird at our door step. very gross, head bleeding. turns out these are rural birds flying somewhat into the city areas–they dunno about glass and slam right into it and die. we are gonna bury it today; i’m gonna dig, huffle’s gonna mourn.

    its 745am our time, i’m off to the beach! (yesterday we woke up at nine and felt bad abt wasting the day; gee whiz.) i bought you something for your OCD. a toothpaste squeezer from the bottom. i thought it was funny.

  3. Ouch! What a way to go… :(

    LOL, you’re up at 7 45?!? That’s new… How come you can never wake up so early at home? *wink wink* :p

    WOW! A toothpaste squeezer! Precisely what I’ve ALWAYS wanted! Can’t wait can’t wait! :)

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