sea spots

I wonder what color it is:
Blue, green, blue-green, grey, aquamarine,
Turquoise, clear, silver, white
I hear the sea call my name today.
The crushing waves, the lulling tides
The whirl of the engines, the stillness of sky.

This magic, the fairies of the deep—their song
I no longer hear with the blood rush to my ears, my skin.
Its burning up, this crazy well of fire-water.
I’m burning up—danger onto life.
Perhaps it will burn out these thoughts of you
Perhaps it will incinerate this heart.

This or that I no longer know—there are
No books on answers that you want from me.
A sum of mistakes, a sum of make believe.
A time of restless wandering (wondering).
A wakefulness besieges
A love benign.

But love, benign?
What about that sun in my eye—that
Sparked the flame, that raged the wars.
That malefactor which is me
she killed the me within.


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my world, out of your reach

3 thoughts on “sea spots”

  1. C!!!!! My love!. Even my cousin in Chennai has heard like a million stories about you already. HAHA you is famous! Hop you are doing OK. Your blog posts seem a little melancholic. But I Hope the year’s supply of bangles manage to cheer you up babe. Miss you toots. :) I’ll call you sometime soon when I recharge my prepaid SIM card.

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