diwali presentations and tests

its been crazy the past few days, crazy rushed, crazy fun, crazy work, crazy meetings, crazy presentations. and its all over now, save an audit programme (yes on the computer) type test that i know i am screwed for.

diwali, aka deepavali has been amazing this year, tis madness, how much fun it was, from having confetti shimmer down from overhead, to being followed home and being worried out of my mind, to having an oil blessing and food on pandan leaves on the ground, to wearing a sari, and  almost unraveling along little india, to falling in love with cardamom.

happy belated burf-day huffle! :) i love you my old friend.

happy belated burp-day white duckling! :) i hear the words that we both wont say.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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