crazy week

what a crazy week, what a crazy mish-mash of emotions and issues: from wondering if the tensions in the house were getting high enough to stay out for the week, to those crazy silences/shout downs with the parents, to having friends wait in the estate/meet you at the park to see if you needed to get out of the house if things came to blows, to the staying in school till 2 am, to the furious banging out of reports, to the monotone of transcribing interviews, to the isolation from the rest, to the reading and editing till the eyes water and cross, to the apologies and the oversleeping classes/yag, to the rush to get to the tailors.

there seems to be no end to this madness, no end to this rise and fall of emotions, or the tears that threaten to take over and the body (and stomach) that wants to just give out from the exhaustion. my first full term in a year, those of you who know, know. its crazy, i cannot remember when i actually got more than a full 5 hours of sleep in. i’m not even asking for 10 or even 8, just 5.

what happened tonight i do not know. but i’ve seen a side i’ve never seen before.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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