body protest

it is crazy, these few weeks and the week to come.
its weird, i am actually looking forward to revision week,
because there is too little time for rest.

the body is protesting, severely.
pimple outbreak (it has a life and a pulse of its own)
tension headache (it wont go away)
sleepy eyes (zzzz)

so i decided, this morning
to cheer myself up and read heart of the city
i started reading the comic years back cos a friend told me this girl (heart) reminded her of me. o_O she’s damn cute la, wears a tutu, and is in love/denial about her best friend/boyfriend dean. she loves attention, she enjoys life, and goes on flights of fancy and dreams up the world in drama, and i mean drama. dean’s even worse. he lives in a fantasy world, has to-die-for-wind-swept-hair and gets obsessive about stuff (star wars, LOTR, HP). it’s hilarious. he’s confused about heart.






Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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