oh so quiet

been a while since i last had a nightmare, been sleeping great for ages.

must be this brink i’ve been living on, this crazy line between Despair and Adrenaline; these half-panic mode i’ve been nursing when it turned full blown on saturday night, my metabolism is shot to shits right about now, and the stomach churns (note to self to buy antacids), not to mention (do NOT mention) the pimples dotting the face.

i think it could also be that i havent seen my hufflepuff in ages: arrange for sunday peace-center pleeze! 2.30?

urgh. just urgh.

but my craze is made alot less because you sit there, patiently telling me to just get through it, because there’s someone to just whine to in these sleepless nights, because you drive down to be here, in my cool ‘hood.

sleeplessness is such an affliction.
this brain is on overdrive.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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