massages, kebabs & macs

so yesterday went by in a blur, waking up at 3 in the noon
and decadently going off to get a massage
while the white duckling got his hip fixed.
(different rooms, naturally.)
(sooli, i will bring you there to get that shoulder fixed)

off we trooped off at night, to arab street,
the w.duckling, the pina colada & didi.
spent too much time laughing
getting intoxicated on the atmosphere
eating stuff with such amazing smells
fending off wit and for some, idiocy
sorry you couldnt be there charpao,
i’m sure you’d have liked it.
(nvm, there are other times)

slept at 3-ish
and left the house at 730 with mimo waiting outside
listening patiently to his 100.3 fm,
:) long shao-lin walk from prinsep
but company was fun with mimo & stef
nothing quite like macs, before 9 in the morning.

she’s in a good mood, today.
please let it remain such.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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