hk cafe and then some.

twinkle-toes and eiffel tell me that everyday i am becoming more and more of a boy. from the way i sit, talk, walk, act. i assure them, i am woman, all woman, but still they laugh at my current state of being. twinkle-toes is so mean, but eiffel is damn sweet.

yesterday the white duckling, charpao, pinacolada and i went out for dinner (i cannot remember a meal where all 4 of us ate at a table together, apart from the first 2till4ever.) the charpao wore white shorts, the pina colada in his beanie-cap, the white duckling in his stubble-shadow (and more of course). so i turn up, in all white, and declare to the horrified RI boys that i was, for tonight, an RI girl. hur. see their faces change colour. they put up with my white sneakers, and my incessant twirling and horrible excuse of a brit accent. (no that has nothing to do with being an RI girl).

so the w.duckling played with his sexxxxxy new comp, trying to show off functions (which the mac can already doooo; until he threw a fit and told me to just let him revel in it and stop talking about the mac’s prowess.) charpao went home to perform crisis-aversion. pina colada promptly fell asleep.

well, well. and then some. *purr* c’s in a good mood today.

need sleep. please bear with the stoned looks.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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