in an unexpected twist of things,
the boyscout calls and says he’s around the ‘hood
met up, and told him, finallyeverything.

what can i say about what the exchange was?
nothing, but i’m glad we talked, i’m glad we sat down
and calmly talked it out, everything:
from sitting by the window, to getting the new car
from family to family, from crying outside the house.
from laughter to tears, from anger to forgiveness.

i asked him to leave,
it felt like a chunk of my being went with him.

thanks for coming by, thanks for being you.
thanks for your forgiveness (when you thought i needed it),
thanks for your statement “…but the tears were real”

the whiteduckling and pinacolada
came by to pick me, bearing all the things i loved, loathed and wanted.
thank you, for your shoulder, and for picking me up from the sand
thank you, for getting me home and being around until i fell asleep


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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