beaver babies & yishun dam

hello beavers. (haha)

so last night was tons of fun thankyouvehmuchmuch, lav-machine & beavers & i ended the longggg day with a nice chat, ended up atthe table, before the boys complain toohottoohot; and we adjourned it to themamashop. this was quite funny in itself la, but you have to be there to understand.

eh when you see miss caro zhang in school, will someone please explain to said nitwit that aeroplanes dont flap their wings? *flutter flutter fingers*

so mr pina colada came to pick me because he was out at a prior engagement and we were off to look for our veh grumpy white duckling. got scolded by the charsiewpao (hence forth she’s gonna be called charpao; charsiewpao too long) for upsetting the white duckling, wha fierce. so mr pina colada and i went in search of peace offerings, ie (what more could a man want?)

all’s well and end’s well, no mahjong in the end due to the drama in the night. but it was fun anyway, with everyone so lack of sleep (some because they have been so sneakysneaky); i guess it was about time someone threw a tandrum. i know i’m long overdue for one. we all sat down and had a nice conversation (amidst other things), and nice being too modest, really. a nice heart-to-heart. till 5.

crawling into bed at 5 is not funny.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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