so i had a terrible day today, with the eyes hurting from a bad irritation to the general “i hate the world” mood i was in. feeling like slime in school at my usual table, just feeling on the brink of tears for no reason.

and i came home to find this,


i have been looking everywhere for this soundtrack (not a big fan of the movie but loved the music), and the wuunnderrfuuulll brown duckling sent it along as a gift! so amazing that he remembered i was looking for it, so unexpected! :) aieeeeeeee. i am one happy puppy i tell you. :)

things between us has taken such a weird twist, and all of a sudden things have been so strained because of all this and that; and so recently i wondered how to make things go back to what it was (at its best) but thank you for my mail-ordered gift, i am touched, and what perfect timing. :) hugs, and tons of love.

PS: in response to your note, of course i do.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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