ye old fogeys

the shortie is enjoying herself in NewYorkCity and i here at home trying to prop my eyes open to read this damned book i have to read about negotiations. wth.

newyorknewyork. she can actually stand in the streets (or anywhere actually) and croon “caught between the moon and newyork city.. i know its crazyyy but it’s trueee”

anyway, this is for the hufflepuff: you know babe, this is what i’ve been feeling these couple of weeks–with phone calls unanswered, or rarely a phone call from you asking ME out for park nights. it was hard on that day i told you i didnt want to be alone, but you’ve been so busy and i dont blame you. it was between finding some other people to hang with or stay at home and pick at old wounds. sometimes i want just a little time for us alone to just talk about so many things, and after all that’s happened i still want you to be the first to know everything. i love you, lets end this crazy thing we somehow got ourselves into.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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